2 Chronicles

January 1 – Goals Not Resolutions

5:1 – Goals Not Resolutions #faithbites #faithjourney goals Intro Happy New Year. Welcome to 2022 and welcome to the fifth year of #faithbites. I can’t believe we are approaching 1,500 #faithbites. I appreciate everyone who […] Read More

Never give up
November 14 – Never Give Up!

4:318 – Never Give Up! #faithbites #faithjourney Never Setting Most of you know that I am not very mechanical. I have “a person” for plumbing, heating, painting, just about everything. I have tried over the […] Read More

May 28 – Embrace It: Stop Fighting

4:148 – Embrace It: Stop Fighting #faithbites #faithjourney embrace Setting Yesterday we talked about tears and how that is a way to express emotion but sometimes we fight it. Last night when I couldn’t sleep, […] Read More

Oct 9 – Completing Your Goals

3:283 – Completing Your Goals #faithbites #faithjourney completing #RoadToEdD Setting Today I completed a major milestone in my quest to earn my EdD, I submitted the first draft of my complete dissertation. This has been […] Read More

Call Out
Apr 16 – Rescue Me

3:107 – Rescue Me #faithbites #faithjourney Rescue There was a show in 2007 called Rescue Me with Denis Leary, which follows the lives of Firefighters in the NYFD. We used to watch it for the […] Read More

Feb 7 – Good Is Always Present

3:38 – Good Is Always Present #faithbites #faithjourney good I know I’ve said this before, but life can be hard. It’s not all rainbows, puppy dogs, and kitties. It’s heartache, trials, and tribulations. We try […] Read More

God New It Would Come To This. It's Ok. He has a plan.
Dec 24 – God’s Plan Revealed: Jesus

2:358 – God’s Plan Revealed: Jesus #faithbites #faithjourney revealed Merry Christmas Eve. They say God works in mysterious ways. I had a friend post something about God’s plan and not knowing what it brings. Heck, […] Read More