3 John

August 25 – Body, Mind, and Spirit

4:238 – Body, Mind, and Spirit #faithbites #faithjourney body Setting Last night I asked for prayers for the shots I had today. One person replied that if I was hoping for healing, I should read […] Read More

May 12 – Praying For Healing

4:132 – Praying For Healing #faithbites #faithjourney praying Setting I often see requests for prayers. I often ask for prayers for healing. Today, I want to drive into praying for healing. A good friend is […] Read More

Mar 23 – Let’s Not Blame, Let’s Solve Problems.

3:83 – Let’s Not Blame, Let’s Solve Problems. #faithbites #faithjourney solve As usual, facebook is getting me down again. I see so many people blaming this party or that party. Saying this government or that […] Read More

Mar 5 – Bump, Set, Spike

3:65 – Bump, Set, Spike #faithbites #faithjourney bump Today was my eldest’s last night volleyball camp. She really liked it and wants to join a team. As it was the last night, the parents got […] Read More

Jan 9 – T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Achieves More

3:9 – T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Achieves More #faithbites #faithjourney t.e.a.m. I was recently told that I’ve been focusing in the negative and being passive aggressive. My apologies for that. It has been rough an […] Read More

God New It Would Come To This. It's Ok. He has a plan.
Dec 24 – God’s Plan Revealed: Jesus

2:358 – God’s Plan Revealed: Jesus #faithbites #faithjourney revealed Merry Christmas Eve. They say God works in mysterious ways. I had a friend post something about God’s plan and not knowing what it brings. Heck, […] Read More

June 9 – Imposter Syndrome

2:160 – Imposter Syndrome #faithbites #faithjourney syndrome Do you ever have the feeling of Deja Vu? When you feel you’ve done something but didn’t. I was about to write about imposter syndrome and had the […] Read More