Month: June 2021

June 30 – Looking For The Good

4:181 – Looking for The Good #faithbites #faithjourney looking Setting Some days, God has a way of reinforcing an idea he wants you to learn. Yesterday, I decided I was going to take a picture […] Read More

We Can Get Along and Be Good Humans
June 29 – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

4:180 – Can’t We All Just Get Along? #faithbites #faithjourney can’t Setting A friend of mine visited tonight and was wearing a shirt that was all about respecting differences and being a good human. It […] Read More

Sharing our story
June 28 – Unshared Battles

4:179 – Unshared Battles #faithbites #faithjourney unshared Setting Today as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw the picture you see here. It hit me hard as I share a lot. You may think I […] Read More

Is God Growing or Testing You?
June 27 – Why is God Testing Me?

4:178 – Why is God Testing Me? #faithbites #faithjourney Setting Have you ever said, “Why is God testing me?” Have you thought that enough is enough and you are ready for a lull or a […] Read More

Faith Leads to Understanding
June 26 – Pray for Understanding

4:177 – Pray for Understanding #faithbites #faithjourney understanding Setting A couple of days ago when I wrote #faithbites, I wasn’t planning on writing a series on prayer, but God works in his way. We started […] Read More

Prayers for New Opportunities
June 25 – Pray For New Opportunities

4:176 – Pray for New Opportunities #faithbites #faithjourney opportunities Setting Yesterday we prayed for those who needed healing. Today we pray for those with new opportunities. In the past week, I have had at least […] Read More

prayers for healing
June 24 – Pray for Healing

4:175 – Pray for Healing #faithbites #faithjourney healing Setting We all experience pain. It may be mental, physical, spiritual, financial, or a combination of them. When we are in pain, it just sucks. No other […] Read More