About Faith Bites

How did Faith BItes Get Started?

In December 2017, a friend of mine said he was leaving Facebook. His reason, like many, was to spend more time with family and friends, avoiding the junk that is shared. My first thought was I was sad, as he shared scriptures every day. He said, maybe someone else can take up that mantle. He meant me, but I wasn’t sure. After thinking about it, I decided to post a scripture and my thoughts each day.

On January 1, 2018, I started posting scripture more of an obligation and quickly shifted, turned into an exploration of my feelings and how scripture helps me. Thus Faith bites were born. What began as a daily Facebook post has changed into a website to allow for searching of concepts, links to additional scripture, and a place to comment.

I hope this becomes a place where we can share our faith, our feelings, and discuss our lives.

Thank you for coming and sharing.