2 Peter

Do people change?
6/11 – Do people really change?

5:162 – Do people really change? #faithbites #faithjourney people Intro Today I was cleaning out our guest bedroom. This consisted of going through everything on the bookshelf, throwing stuff out, and moving it around. One […] Read More

it's kingdom time
5/3 – It’s Kingdom time

5:123 – It’s Kingdom time #faithbites #faithjourney kingdom Intro Today at work, I walked in on a conversation about God, his kingdom, and how we need to change how we are acting. The conversation changed […] Read More

Love the unbeliever
4/2 – You don’t believe in God?

5:92 – You don’t believe in God? #faithbites #faithjourney believe Intro During lunch, today, my youngest and one of her friends had a conversation. My youngest said to her friend, “You don’t believe in God?” […] Read More

2/9 – 1500 Days

5:40 – 1500 Days #faithbites #faithjourney 1500 Intro On January 1, 2018, I started what would become #faithbites. My attempt to share God’s word, my #faithjourney, and how God is working through me. Today has […] Read More

January 9 – God Reminds You

5:9 – God Reminds You #faithbites #faithjourney reminds Intro I was just about asleep when I realized I hadn’t written my #faithbites today. I almost allowed myself to just go to sleep, but I figured, […] Read More

The Messenger or The Message
July 28 – Is It The Message Or The Messenger

4: 209 – Is it the message or the messenger #faithbites #faithjourney messenger Setting On Monday, I had a very distressful meeting. I heard what the person was saying and was just hurt, downtrodden, and […] Read More

A minute to learn, A Lifetime to Master
May 22 – A Minute to Learn, A Lifetime to Master

4:142 – A Minute to Learn, A Lifetime to Master #faithbites #faithjourney learn Setting Growing up, I remember watching commercials for a game and the tag line was “A Minute to Learn, A Lifetime to […] Read More