Month: August 2019

August 31 – It’s Enough

2:243 – It’s Enough #faithbites #faithjourney enough My computer died last week. I tried to fix it but no dice. I’ve been trying to price out a replacement and the price keeps getting higher as […] Read More

August 30 – I Solved It (With Help)

2:242 – I Solved It (With Help) #faithbites #faithjourney solved Since May, I have been experiencing chronic pain. I’ve gone through the journey of doctor after doctor, meds, tests, research, and everything. No dice. Then […] Read More

August 29 – Just Say Yes

2:241 – Just Say Yes #faithbites #faithjourney Yes Why do we make life harder on ourselves? My youngest threw a fit for 20 minutes today because she wouldn’t put the clothes on we had set […] Read More

August 28 – Lessons In Humilty

2:240 – Lessons In Humilty #faithbites #faithjourney Humilty Sometimes we think we are on the right track. Sometimes that includes thinking too highly of ourselves and then boom, lesson in humilty. A friend of mine […] Read More

August 27 – Shouting Into The Void

2:239 – Shouting Into The Void #faithbites #faithjourney Void The email that is never answered. The social media post with no reactions. Text messages left without a reply. Phone calls unanswered. This is shouting into […] Read More

August 26 – Making A List

2:238 – Making A List #faithbites #faithjourney list It’s easy to get distracted with so many things going on in our lives. Today, I was in a lot of pain, but knew I had to […] Read More

August 25 – Quiet Please

2:237 – Quiet Please #faithbites #faithjourney quiet I’m a loud guy. I say my piece, I talk a lot, and am very loud. As I’ve been working on that over the years to be quieter. […] Read More