Month: November 2020

Nov 30 – It’s Ok To Be Sad

3:335 – It’s Ok To Be Sad #faithbites #faithjourney sad Setting I’m laying ony bed in pain, listen to music, and helping my daughter with homework. It’s not a bad day but I’m just sad. […] Read More

Nov 29 – Hope In The Darkness

3:334 – Hope In The Darkness #faithbites #faithjourney hope Setting You are on your way home at night, step through your front door, and what do you do? If you are like most people, you […] Read More

Nov 28 – Always A Chance To Learn

3:333 – Always A Chance To Learn #faithbites #faithjourney chance Setting My youngest really enjoys musicals. Last night, we introduced her to Chicago! She loved it. She was bothered that the one innocent person was […] Read More

Do you have a plan?
Nov 27 – Making A Plan

3:332 – Making a Plan #faithbites #faithjourney plan Setting Today is Black Friday and one that is very different than year’s past. Normally we would get all the ads, plan our purchases, our routes, our […] Read More

Nov 26 – Thanks In All Things

3:331 – Thanks In All Things #faithbites #faithjourney thanks Setting Happy Thanksgiving. We will keep this really short. No matter your circumstances, give thanks in all things. That’s it. No only if things are good […] Read More

Nov 25 – It’s More Than Turkey

3:330 – It’s More Than Turkey #faithbites #faithjourney turkey Setting Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the US and my Facebook feed is filled with people preparing for their feast. Most people are going to be […] Read More

beat around the bush
Nov 24 – Don’t Beat Around The Bush

3:329 – Don’t Beat Around The Bush #faithbites #faithjourney bush Setting Some people have hidden agendas. People have always told me that I have an agenda but it’s out in the open for everyone to […] Read More