Month: February 2018

February 28 – Being Fully Committed and Engaged

Today’s lesson is on being fully committed or fully engaged. I love people. I love my family. I love helping others. I am also honest about myself knowing that very rarely am I fully engaged. […] Read More

February 27 – Hey, By the Way, Thanks

Today’s lesson is about thanking people personally. We have talked a few times about gratitude. In those discussions, we thank God for the bounty that we have. I like to be thanked. I love recognition […] Read More

February 26 – Self Worth

Today’s lesson is about the importance of valuing yourself. We are always hardest on ourselves. This is a mantra that I have had my whole life. I am never good enough, never strong enough, never […] Read More

February 25 – American Christianity or Carry Your Cross

Today’s lesson is about the views of American Christianity or in other words what it means to carry your cross. I want to share an image that a friend shared on social media. Then the […] Read More

February 24 – Impact

Today’s lesson in one on impact. How those little moments can┬áchange someone’s day, outlook, and ultimately their life. I wrote yesterday about my experience as a tall, strong, able-bodied┬áman becoming very physically disabled for a […] Read More

February 23 – (Dis) Abilities

Today’s lesson is about appreciating those with disabilities or other abilities. I admit when I’m driving behind someone going slow I get mad sometimes. When I’m in line at the checkout and someone is going […] Read More

February 22- Writing a Letter

Today’s lesson is about the power of a letter. As part of a wellness program at work, I am taking a Going with Gratitude class during lunch. This weeks topic was set around the idea […] Read More