Month: February 2022

2/28 – Is It Possible To Fully Disconnect?

5:59 – Is It Possible To Fully Disconnect? #faithbites #faithjourney fully Intro Cell phones. Smart warches. Alexa. Tablets. Internet of things. We are literally connected all the time to everyone but are we actually connected […] Read More

2/28 – Known in Certain Circles

5:58 – Known in Certain Cirlces #faithbites #faithjourney certain Intro The other day I was in a meeting and we were talking about how to get our students known for their work. We talked about […] Read More

2/26 – Should We Just Throw It Away?

5:57 – Should We Just Throw It Away? #faithbites #faithjourney throw Intro Today I was fighting with one of my 3D printers. I was so frustrated with it and just wanted to be done. My […] Read More

2/25 – False Guilt

2:56 – False Guilt #faithbites #faithjourney false Intro We’ve all felt guilt at one time or another. Maybe it was because he hurt someone, stole something, or made a bad decision that caused hurt indirectly. […] Read More

2/24 – New Routines

5:57 – New Routines #faithbites #faithjourney routines Intro Before I left on vacation, I did something I’ve never done before: I removed my work email account from my phone. At first it was weird as […] Read More

2/23 – Messed Up Dinner, Ordered Pizza

5:56 – Messed Up Dinner, Order Pizza #faithbites #faithjourney dinner Intro Tonight II was making a recipe for pork loin and rice in the ninja foodi. I was doing good until I read the last […] Read More

2/22 – Who Vs. What You Are?

5:55 – Who Vs. What You Are? #faithbites #faithjourney who Intro Thanks for ALLOWing me to take a break by sharing #faithbiteslite over the past 9 days. Today we are back home and I’m finding […] Read More