2 Thessalonians

December 30 – Peace and His Law

4:364 – Peace and His Law #faithbites #faithjourney peace Setting My kids like to fight me with my rules. I’m pretty lenient but sometimes even picking the clothes off the floor is too hard for […] Read More

October 9 – The Peace In My Troubled Sea

4:285 – The Peace In My Troubled Sea #faithbites #faithjourney troubled Setting At my daughter’s volleyball tournament, in between games, they were playing Christian music. A song that reminded me of Vacation Bible School came […] Read More

January 29 – I’m Bored, Time For Trouble!

4:29 – I’m Bored, Time For Trouble! #faithbites #faithjourney bored Setting I bet you thought this topic was autobiographical. While it is, in this case, I’m talking about my dog, Spock. He is a corgi […] Read More

Jan 26 – Do The Work. The Work's Already Been Done

3:26 – Do The Work. The Work’s Already Been Done. #faithbites #faithjourney work I wish just one night that we could get through home work without tears or yelling. It would be so simple if […] Read More

God New It Would Come To This. It's Ok. He has a plan.
Dec 24 – God’s Plan Revealed: Jesus

2:358 – God’s Plan Revealed: Jesus #faithbites #faithjourney revealed Merry Christmas Eve. They say God works in mysterious ways. I had a friend post something about God’s plan and not knowing what it brings. Heck, […] Read More

March 11 – Is God Working for Me?

2:70 – Is God Working For Me? #faithbites #faithjourney God When people ask how I’m doing, I usually say busy or something else. I should and have been doing better saying, I am blessed. The […] Read More

January 12 – I’m Giving Her All She’s Got Captain

2:12 – I’m Giving Her All She’s Got Captain #faithbites #faithjourney Captain Have you ever had one of those days when you are pushing your engines as hard as you can and it seems like […] Read More