Month: July 2018

July 31 – Say My Name, Say My Name

July 31 – Say My Name, Say My Name #FaithBites #FaithJourney Names I know, you read the title and are probably singing the Destiny’s Child song. As I was typing it, I was singing too. […] Read More

July 30 – The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Half-Truth

211 – The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Half-Truth #FaithBites #FaithJourney Half-truths In many aspects of life, I’m pretty any going. I accept so much from pejole as I believe that is […] Read More

July 29 – Men Looking Like Trees

210 – Men Looking Like Trees #FaithBites #FaithJourney Trees I often wonder,if I were to lose one of my five senses, which one would I like to lose the least. That’s an easy one: my […] Read More

July 28 – Bragging on God

209 – Bragging For God #FaithBites #FaithJourney Bragging Today was a lazy Saturday morning. My youngest and I went to get bagels at Panera for the family. While there, a man was putting away all […] Read More

July 27 – I Can Do It Myself

208 – I Can Do It Myself #FaithBites #FaithJourney Myself At Vacation Bible School the past week, I had the privilegeĀ of working with 20+ 4-year-olds. Yes, you read that right, over 20 4-year-olds. As the […] Read More

July 26 – Are You a Fragile Diamond?

207 – Are You a Fragile Diamond? #FaithBites #FaithJournal Diamond You probably read the title of this #FaithBite and thought that was an oxymoron. Isn’t a Diamond the strongest material on Earth? If so, how […] Read More

July 25 – Faith, Trust, and a little Pixie Dust

206 – Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust #FaithBites #FaithJourney Trust Yesterday’s #FaithBite was that God has a place prepared for you in Heaven. In that #FaithBite, we discussed various scriptures that tell us […] Read More