Month: September 2019

Sept 30 – Serving: Others Before Self

2:273 – Serving: Others Before Self #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge Serving We all have needs. Heck, even Maslow has our basic physical needs on the lowest rung of the triangle. I know what my needs are […] Read More

Sept 29 – Serving Saves Others

2:272 – Serving Saves Others #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge serving You may be looking at this picture and see it says day 3. Today is actually day 20, half way point, and the beginning of the […] Read More

September 28 – God’s Not Done With Me

2:271 – God’s Not Done With Me #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge #D2MC Done In past #faithbites, we’ve talked about how some people look like they have this stuff together. They have a great Facebook profile, go […] Read More

September 27 – Being Real

2:270 – Being Real #faithbites #faithjourney Real Today, we’re going to take a mini-break from the #redletterchallenge to talk about a core issue in life and Christianity: Being Real. I’ve been at the D2MC (disciples […] Read More

September 26 – Am I The Right Man (or Woman) for the Job?

2:269 – Am I The Right Man (or Woman) for the Job? #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge Right I often suffer from imposter syndrome. The feeling when you are just faking it and don’t deserve to be […] Read More

September 25 – I’m Not Worthy

2:268 – I’m Not Worthy #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge worthy When ever I say I’m not worthy, I think of Wayne’s World. It’s catchy and they say they aren’t worthy for many things. When I look […] Read More

If God is known for Grace, How can We , HIs Followers Be known for Judgement, The exact opposite.
September 24 – No Judgment Here

2:267 – No Judgement Here #faithbites #faithjourney #redletterchallenge judgment At the reception this evening, they had drinks and cheese. One participant was “fighting” with the cheese trying to cut off a chunk and took a […] Read More