Tomorrow brings new opportunities
October 13 – Every Day is a New Opportunity

4:286 – Every Day is a New Opportunity #faithbites #faithjourney opportunity Setting Some days I have deep things to share, other days not so much. Today isn’t a bad day or a great day, just […] Read More

October 8 – Every Day a Little Better

4:281 – Every Day a Little Better. #faithbites #faithjourney better Setting We all have good days and bad days. Some days you just dont want to get out of bed and other days are great. […] Read More

Waiting on the Lord
June 22 – Waiting for the Lord!

4:173 – Waiting for the Lord! #faithbites #faithjourney waiting Setting If I could sum up the past month or so, it would be change. Work colleagues leaving, close friends moving or potentially moving away, relatives […] Read More

Love Doesn't Keep Score
June 14 – Love Doesn’t Keep Score, But I Do

4:164 – Love Doesn’t Keep Score, But I Do #faithbites #faithjourney score Setting This is a very personal #faithbites as I am fully admitting I fail often. God tells that love keeps no records of […] Read More

Waiting is ok.
May 25 – It Can Wait

4:145 – It Can Wait #faithbites #faithjourney wait Setting Somedays, I am like a dog with a bone. I find something I want and just get so into it, I push everything else to the […] Read More

Nov 6 – Waiting For….

3:311 – Waiting For…. #faithbites #faithjourney waiting Setting Most of America is waiting for the results of the election. We are waiting to see who will be in the white house and congress. We are […] Read More

We All Act Badly. We Are All Forgiven
Feb 8 – I Shouldn’t Have Acted Like That

3:39 – I Shouldn’t Have Acted Like That #faithbites #faithjourney acted Today was a low spoon day. It started rough and was just me pushing through. This evening, with my youngest in tow, I went […] Read More