Month: June 2020

June 30 – Call Me Job

3:182 – Call Me Job #faithbites #faithjourney Job Sometimes, when life is hard, I say, “Call me, Job”. For those playing at home it’s Job (j-O-buh) not job (j-ah-b). This guy in the Bible who […] Read More

June 29 – Messaging

3:181 – Messaging #faithbites #faithjourney messaging On our trip to Branson, we saw many billboards. Some said things like: “I love America and if you don’t leave”, “Pray continuously”, “Thanks essential workers”, and one sign […] Read More

June 28 – Me Time or We Time

3:180 – Me Time or We Time #faithbites #faithjourney time Quarantine life is kinda weird. We have so much more time to be with family than we normally do. (I know not everyone is able […] Read More

June 27 – A Dog With A Bone

3:179 – A Dog With A Bone #faithbites #faithjourney dog Have you ever heard the phrase that someone is like a dog with a bone? In most cases, it’s not a compliment. I’m the proverbial […] Read More

June 26 – Fri-Yay or Cry-Day?

3:178 – Fri-Yay or Cry-Day? #faithbites #faithjourney fri-yay Setting At our house, we call Friday, Fri-Yay. It’s a day for fewer chores, more fun, and sometimes eating out. We take time to celebrate the work […] Read More

June 25 – Let Them Eat Cake

3:177 – Let Them Eat Cake #faithbites #faithjourney cake Setting This morning while running errands, I ran into an old friend and his daughter who now live out of state. During our conversation, his daughter […] Read More

June 24 – Am I Selfish?

3:174 – Am I Selfish? #faithbites #faithjourney selfish Fair warning, this is a challenging #faithbites and I am riled up. I am upset about those choosing not to wear a mask because “it bothers them”. […] Read More