Month: November 2019

Nov 30 – Never Miss A Teachable Moment

2:334 – Never Miss A Teachable Moment #faithbites #faithjourney teachable Everyday we interact with people and have the opportunity to teach and grow. Today, my best friend met another friend. Later on at dinner, we […] Read More

Nov 29 – No More Stuff

2:333 – No More Stuff #faithbites #faithjourney #BlackFriday Stuff Today is Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. I’ve always loved to get up early and shop. This years feels different. […] Read More

Nov 28 – Giving-Thanks

2:332 – Giving-Thanks #faithbites #faithjourney giving-thanks Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. A day for food, family, football, and relaxation. We my pray over our food and say thanks. But if we look at […] Read More

Nov 27 – One Degree Changes A Path

2:331 – One Degree Changes A Path #faithbites #faithjourney degree A couple of days ago, I wrote about God sending Jim into my life. Then I remembered that God sent another Jim into my life […] Read More

Nov 26 – We Need A Bridge

2:330 – We Need A Bridge #faithbites #faithjourney #frozen bridge Tonight we took the kids to see Frozen II. It was actually pretty good. A major theme, and no spoilers here, is a bridge. When […] Read More

Nov 25 – And God Sent Jim

2:329 – And God Sent Jim #faithbites #faithjourney Jim I went to sell a phone to a man I met through Facebook. His name was Jim. Jim is a 77 years young man in a […] Read More

Nov 24 – Differentiated Faith Journey

2:328 – Differentiated Faith Journey #faithbites #faithjourney #RoadToEdD Differentiated This weekend was a writing weekend for me. It was time to buckle down and work on my dissertation. My specific area of interested is differentiated […] Read More