5/23 – How does your awareness impact your life?

5:143 – How does your awareness impact your life? #faithbites #faithjourney awareness Intro My kids often laugh at me when they mention some fad, entertainer, or word that I don’t know. The latest was the […] Read More

4/20 – Writing is powerful

5 :110 – Writing is powerful #faithbites #faithjourney writing Intro Over the past several months, my eldest and her friend, wrote a book together in our schools Young Author’s programs. They worked hard, shared ideas, […] Read More

January 1 – Goals Not Resolutions

5:1 – Goals Not Resolutions #faithbites #faithjourney goals Intro Happy New Year. Welcome to 2022 and welcome to the fifth year of #faithbites. I can’t believe we are approaching 1,500 #faithbites. I appreciate everyone who […] Read More

Odd or God?
Nov 22 – Is It Odd or Is It …

3:3227 – Is It Odd Or Is It… #faithbites #faithjourney odd Setting During today’s message, our pastor introduced us to a new phrase. We have all heard that God works in mysterious ways. He told […] Read More

Sep 18 – The Waiting Game

3:262 – The Waiting Game #faithbites #faithjourney waiting Setting This week we had a leak in our kitchen that went into our bedroom. For the past 48 hours, we’ve had these giant fans going. I’ve […] Read More

November 17 – Write it Down and Hit Save

320 –¬†Write it Down and Hit Save #faithbites #faithjourney #RoadtoEdD Write Today was another writing day on the #RoadtoEdD. Lots of searching, writing, and revising. When I was finished for the day, I wrote about […] Read More

November 2 – Turn Down All The Sound

306 –¬†Turn Down All The Sound #faithbites #faithjourney Sound The world is a pretty noisy place. From people to social media to construction to nature to everything in your head, there is a lot of […] Read More