Signs signs everywhere signs
5/12 – The Signs are everywhere

5:132 – The Signs are everywhere #faithbites #faithjourney signs Intro If you ask my older brother, he will tell you that when I was younger, I wasn’t a big music fan. I just didn’t get […] Read More

Never give up
November 14 – Never Give Up!

4:318 – Never Give Up! #faithbites #faithjourney Never Setting Most of you know that I am not very mechanical. I have “a person” for plumbing, heating, painting, just about everything. I have tried over the […] Read More

Act In Love
August 19 – Before You Act, Ask This One Question!

4:231 – Before You Act, Ask This One Question! #faithbites #faithjourney before Setting Today was the first day of school for my daughters. I wanted to do a #faithbites on back to school so I […] Read More

August 6 – Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

4:218 – Let Your Freak Flag Fly! #faithbites #faithjourney freak Setting Today’s #faithbites come from my best friend who posted this image. I often wonder how my behavior is seen by others. I’ve spent a […] Read More

You Got This!
May 23 – I’ve Got This! (With Help)

4:143 – I’ve Got This! (With Help) #faithbites #faithjourney got Setting The world tells us to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps or if you work hard even you can do anything. That is the […] Read More

March 9 – God Said It, I Believe It

4:68 – God Said It, I Believe It #faithbites #faithjourney believe Setting It’s been a couple of rough days. Pain, stress, and just a general lack of feeling good. When that happens to me, my […] Read More

March 6 – This Is Holy Ground

4:65 – This Is Holy Ground #faithhbites #faithjourney holy Intro I was driving my daughter to a babysitting training class today and noticed a church’s digital sign. It has a simple message: This is Holy […] Read More