2 Samuel

Recognition is Ok
January 7 – Getting Noticed For Doing What’s Right

5:7 – Getting Noticed For Doing What’s Right #faithbites #faithjourney noticed Intro If you talk about the five love languages, one of mine is appreciation. I like to know that what I do matters and […] Read More

Dec 7 – Furbabies: A Gift From God

3:342 – Furbabies: A Gift From God #faithbites #faithjourney furbabies Setting I love animals, always have, always will. There is something about an animal companion that can make things better no matter what. Sure, they […] Read More

June 22 – Playing Music

3:172 – Playing Music #faithbites #faithjourney music Setting We are going to take a break from the heavy #faithbites topics of the past few months and go for something a little lighter. Today, I took […] Read More

God New It Would Come To This. It's Ok. He has a plan.
Dec 24 – God’s Plan Revealed: Jesus

2:358 – God’s Plan Revealed: Jesus #faithbites #faithjourney revealed Merry Christmas Eve. They say God works in mysterious ways. I had a friend post something about God’s plan and not knowing what it brings. Heck, […] Read More

July 12 – Search Before You Share

2:193 – Search Before You Share #faithbites #faithjourney search Have you see headlines like this “Obama removed the citizenship question in 2010”. “Democrats voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in elections”. “Momo is hunting […] Read More

March 18 – Beards

2:77 – Beards #faithbites #faithjourney beards Fair warning, this isn’t one of your normal #faithbites. This isn’t a deep introspective look at the soul. This is more fun. I’ve haven’t been shaving in a while, […] Read More

November 20 – Vaccinated by Christ

324 – Vaccinated by Christ #faithbites #faithjourney Vaccinated Before we get started, I’m going to ask for a little leeway here. I’m going to use an imperfect metaphor, but I think it works. So bear […] Read More