Month: March 2021

Jesus is in charge
March 31 – Jesus Take The Wheel

4:90 – Let Jesus Take The Wheel #faithbites #faithjourney Jesus Setting Carrie Underwood may have said it first, but Jesus Take The Wheel. In another episode of “God tell me what I should share today”, […] Read More

March 30 – Appreciated, Your Way

4:89 – Appreciated, Your Way #faithbites #faithjourney appreciated Setting Some days you feel like a good parents, sometimes not so much, and others you just nail it. Last night was one of them. For the […] Read More

March 29 – What Would Your Appraisal Look Like?

4:88 – What Would Your Appraisal Look Like? #faithbites #faithjourney appraisal Setting Have you ever had your house appraised? I’m getting ready to have the appraisal done here in just a few minutes. Let me […] Read More

You are more than adequate
March 28 – God Has Made Your More Than Adequate

4:87 – God Has Made You More Than Adequate #faithbites #faithjourney adequate Setting Last night I had some wicked dreams. So many pieces of the dream had me not measuring up. A friend was getting […] Read More

March 27 – The Best Ship – Friendship!

4:86 – The Best Ship – Friendship #faithbites #faithjourney ship Setting Just a quick #faithbites today. I was blessed to have my best friend visit. We celebrated his birthday and just hung out and visited. […] Read More

God is our father
March 26 – Papa God

4:85 – Papa God #faithbites #faithjourney papa Setting Some days, ideas for #faithbites come easy, other days I struggle, and still others I just google a verse of the day and see what God wants […] Read More

Spread Joy
March 25 – Spread Joy

4:84 – Spread Joy #faithbites #faithjourney spread Setting This morning while getting my vaccine, I was talking to the nurse who gave me my shot. She said she loved my energy. All I did was […] Read More