Month: January 2022

What in your obituary
January 31 – What is in your Obituary?

5:31 – What is in your Obituary? #faithbites #faithjourney obituary Intro I’ve often wondered what my obituary will contain. Will it talk about the amount of money I have, the things I built, the degrees […] Read More

January 30 – Active or Passive Engagement

5:30 – Active or Passive Engagement #faithbites #faithjourney active Intro I’ve been thinking a lot about entertainment and how I spend my time. Some people like books, some movies and shows, and some video games. […] Read More

No Need To Be Perfect
January 29 – No Need For Perfect

5:29 – No Need For Perfect #faithbites #faithjourney perfect Intro When I see a piece of art, I am awed by the skill that went into it. As I’ve been learning more and more about […] Read More

January 28 – Getting Back To Normal? No Thanks

5:28 – Getting Back To Normal? No Thanks #faithbites #faithjourney getting Intro Throughout the pandemic, people have said they are looking forward to getting back to normal. I understand the desire to get back to […] Read More

Read It Again
January 27 – Watch It Again, Get Something New.

5:27 – Watch It Again, Get Something New #faithbites #faithjourney again Intro Lately, I’ve been binge-watching Star Trek Enterprise. The show is over 20 years old and I think I kissed some episodes the first […] Read More

January 26 – What’s It All Mean?

5:26 – What’s It All Mean #faithbites #faithjourney what’s Intro Today’s #faithbites is a bit existential, blame it on the steroids. I’ve been thinking a lot a out what those around me are going through […] Read More

January 25 – Walk Away and Regroup

5:25 – Walk Away and Regroup #faithbites #faithjourney walk Intro Parenting iis hard. I’ve made mistakes. More times than I care to count. One thing I have learned, or should say learning, is how to […] Read More