Month: February 2020

Feb 29 – Leap Forward

3:60 – Leap Forward #faithbites #faithjourney leap Happy Leap Day. Ok, it’s just like any other day, but one we only see every four years. Lots of talks about doing crazy things, only having a […] Read More

Feb 28 – Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery

3:59 – Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery #faithbites #faithjourney imitation I was watching TV with my eldest and my wife tonight, then I heard a noise. I went and saw my youngest making […] Read More

Spread The Word
Feb 27 – Share The Word

3:58 – Share The Word #faithbites #faithjourney share We learn early that caring is sharing. We tend to share things like food, money, germs (sorry, flu season around here), tasks, and feelings. While these are […] Read More

No matter what you've done in life, God is so happy when you come home into His arms. He wants you
Feb 26 – Return To The Lord

3:57 – Return To The Lord #faithbites #faithjourney #AshWednesday #Lent Return Today is Ash Wednesday. This is a day when we reflect on being sinners and how we are saved by the cross, by Jesus. […] Read More

Feb 25 – Midlife Crisis

3:56 – Midlife Crisis #faithbites #faithjourney Crisis When I was a kid, I used to hear about men going through a Midlife crisis. It was usually demonstrated by getting a sports car, cheating on their […] Read More

Feb 24 – Make It Count

3:55 – Make It Count #faithbites #faithjourney count You never know how many days you have left. This may be the last time you change a diaper. Your child may no longer ask you to […] Read More

Feb 23 – Silence Is Golden

3:54 – Silence is Golden #faithbites #faithjourney silence Close your eyes. What do you hear? If you are like me, probably the TV, the fan, kids talking, the heater going, toys being played with, and […] Read More