Month: September 2018

September 30 – A Prayer for Understanding

273 – A Prayer for Understanding #faithbites #faithjourney understanding In my life, I like to learn. I am willing to listen to anyone and try to understand where they are coming from. There are times […] Read More

September 29 – Daddy, You Need a Foot Rub

272 – Daddy, You Need a Foot Rub #faithbites #faithjourney foot Today was rough day. I awoke in the middle of the night with a migraine behind both eyes. All I wanted to do was […] Read More

Sept 2 – Sol has it totally together right? Wrong

245 – Sol has it totally together right? Wrong #faithbites #faithjourney together Scrolling through Facebook, you see wonderful pictures of vacations, well-behaving kids, promotions, houses, cars, and new opportunities. You go to work and ask “How […] Read More

September 28 – Greater than the Haters

271 – Greater than the Haters #faithbites #faithjourney haters Today has been a rough day for me emotionally. Anxiety has been a wreck and all of the vitriol about sexual harassment, misconduct, abuse, #meetoo what […] Read More

September 27 – Are You Enjoying Yourself?

270 – Are You Enjoying Yourself? #faithbites #faithjourney Enjoying “Are You Enjoying Yourself”? That was the question one of my advisors for my EdD asked me yesterday. I was meeting with two of them to […] Read More

September 26 – Are You A David or Goliath

269 – Are You A David or Goliath? #faithbites #faithjourney David Tonight my wife and I were watching a new season of Survivor. This seasons theme is David Vs Goliath. One tribe, David, was made […] Read More

September 25 – We Don’t Agree, but I love You

268 – We Don’t Agree, But I Love You #faithbites #faithjourney Agree In high school and college I remember having debates about religion, sex, politics, and pretty much any topic that went late into the […] Read More