Month: December 2021

December 31 – Tommorow Is a New Year…

4:365 – Tommorow Is A New Year #faithbites #faithjourney Year Setting Happy New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow we will talk about the New Year, but right now, we will just turn it to God and focus […] Read More

December 30 – Peace and His Law

4:364 – Peace and His Law #faithbites #faithjourney peace Setting My kids like to fight me with my rules. I’m pretty lenient but sometimes even picking the clothes off the floor is too hard for […] Read More

December 28 – Wandering The Fields

363: Wandering The Fields #faithbites #faithjourney wandering Setting In the Bible, God goes by many different titles : father, creator, savior, king of kings, Lord of Lord’s, and Shepard. While those are just a few […] Read More

Keep Fighting
December 28 – Keep On Fighting The Good Fight

December 28 – Keep On Fighting The Good Fight. Never give up. But when you fight, fight with God on your side. #faithbites #faithjourney

December 27 – Wasting Power

4:361 – Wasting Power #faithbites #faithjourney wasting Setting Today, I was walking into the bathroom at the movie theater, and a young boy was setting off the automatic hand dryers. His dad told him not […] Read More

Keep Working
December 26 – Just Keep Working At It

4:360 – Just Keep Working At It #faithbites #faithjourney working Setting Some days, we just feel like everything is going wrong. We are mad at the world and mad at ourselves for how we react […] Read More

December 25 – New Birth, New Life

4:359 – New Birth, New Life #faithbites #faithjourney birth Setting Merry Christmas, everyone. What an amazing day. I pray you all have had a wonderful and blessed day. Today, my new nephew was born. Mom, […] Read More