Month: October 2019

Tree with multiple hand prints in different colors.
Oct 31 – One Family In Jesus

2:304 – One Family In Jesus #faithbites #faithjourney Jesus This week has been filled with deep searching of faith, faith traditions, and religion in general. I am so thankful for everyone who is walking along […] Read More

Oct 30 – Communion – The Law And The Doctrine

2:303 – The Law And The Doctrine #faithbites #faithjourney Doctrine Before we start, I want to apologize if this offends anyone. This isn’t meant to do that but rather to open a dialogue of searching, […] Read More

Oct 29 – Blocking Out The Noise

2:302 – Blocking Out The Noise #faithbites #faithjourney blocking Last night I was helping my eldest with her math homework. It was a worksheet that had 60+ multiplication facts on it and she had to […] Read More

Oct 28 – Where Ever You Look, God Is There.

2:301 – Where Ever You Look, God Is There. #faithbites #faithjourney look Today has been an interesting day. I went to write my #faithbites for today, and I had 666 posts on my site. Today, […] Read More

Are you ready to Reform? Reformation Sunday
Oct 27 – Are You Ready To Reform?

2:300 – Are You Ready To Reform? #faithbites #faithjourney reform Today is a special day in the Lutheran Church. It’s Reformation Sunday. This is the day when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the […] Read More

Oct 26 – The Group Or The Person?

2:299 – The Group Or The Person? #faithbites #faithjourney group I often wonder how people decide what they are going to do, who they are going to vote for, hang out with, follow, or just […] Read More

Oct 25 – Treat Or Death

2:298 – Treat Or Death #faithbites #faithjourney Treat Ok, this title may have thrown you off, but it’s ok. Tonight was our church’s annual Trunk or Treat. It was an amazing time seeing everyone from […] Read More