Month: September 2020

Sep 30 – WWJD – Hint: It’s Not Hard

3:274 – WWJD – Hint: It’s Not Hard #faithbites #faithjourney WWJD Setting I remember in the 90’s all of those WWJD bracelets. WWJC is What Would Jesus Do. I got to thinking about that today […] Read More

Sep 29 – Patient In Affliction

3:273 – Patient in Affliction #faithbites #faithjourney affliction Setting Here’s another in the series of “thanks to first-grade memory work, I have a new #faithbites idea”. One of my youngest’s memory verses for this week […] Read More

Gods Word. Your Voice
Sep 28 – His Words, Our Voice

3:272 – His Words, Our Voice #faithbites #faithjourney words Setting Last night I had a dream about a good friend. I reached out to her because of that dream and she was going through a […] Read More

1000 Days
Sep 27 – 1000 Days

3:271 – 1000 Days #faithbites #faithjourney 1000 Setting On January 1, 2018, I started sharing scripture on a dialy basis. If I did the math right, that means today is 1000 days later. Yes, for […] Read More

Sep 26 – I Want To Be A Lion (for Jesus)

3:271 – I Want To Be A Lion (for Jesus) #faithbites #faithjourney lion Setting I was mowing my yard today, listening to music, when one of my favorite songs came on: Mr. Jones. One of […] Read More

Sep 25 – Your Front Door Is The Church’s Front Door

3:270 – Your Front Door Is The Church’s Front Door #faithbites #faithjourney front #pli Setting What do you think of when you think of church? Most people thing of a building they go on Sunday […] Read More

Sep 24 – Sharing Jesus

3:268 – Sharing Jesus #faithbites #faithjourney sharing #pli Setting Today was day 2 of our third D2MC immersion. That is a program helping us to become disciples who can disciple others. It’s about people in […] Read More