Month: April 2019

April 30 – What’s Your Love Language?

2:120 – What’s Your Love Language? #faithbites #faithjourney language (Slight trigger warning as this deals with a bit of sexual content) When you think of a love language, what do you think of? Barry White, […] Read More

April 29 – Happiness Comes From…

2:119 – Happiness Comes From… #faithbites #faithjourney happiness Today was one of those days where I have been reflecting on life. I see jobs people do and think that might make me happy. Or pictures […] Read More

April 28 – …And You Noticed Him

2:118 – …And You Noticed Him #faithbites #faithjourney noticed Yesterday we talked about how when the darkness rolls in when you don’t know how you are going to survive, and the decked is stacked against […] Read More

April 27 – And Then, Jesus Shows Up

2:117 – And Then, Jesus Shows Up #faithbites #faithjourney Shows Think about many action movies you have seen. Throughout the movie there is a hero you root for. Then, the evil in the movie strikes […] Read More

April 26 – Together We Can Defeat Evil

2:116 – Together We Can Defeat Evil #faithbites #faithjourney Defeat For family movie night, we watched the Kid Who Would Be King. It is a modernized version of The Sword In The Stone about who […] Read More

April 25 – Endgame or New Phase?

2:115 – Endgame or New Phase? #faithbites #faithjourney endgame Avenger’s Endgame opens in the United States tonight. This is the culmination of 11 years, 22 movies, and hours upon hours of entertainment. At the end […] Read More

April 24 – The Needs Of The One Outweigh The Needs Of The Group…Sometimes

2:114 – The Needs Of The One Outweigh The Needs Of The Group…Sometimes #faithbites #faithjourney needs You may be reading this title and think I have the say wrong. That it should be the needs […] Read More