Month: December 2019

God Would Do Anything For Love. Would You?
Dec 31 – I Would Do Anything For Love….

2:365 – I Would Do Anything For Love…. #faithbites #faithjourney #2020 #NewYearsDay anything We are closing the book on another year and another decade. (Ok purists, the decade doesn’t end until the end of 2020, […] Read More

Christ Forgives. Remember Always: When you forgive, You Heal. When you let go, you grow.
Dec 30 – Forgiving Like Christ

2:364 – Forgiving Like Christ #faithbites #faithjourney #2020 #Resolutions Christ This morning, my youngest was yelling at me for something or another. After a while, she apologized and I told her I forgave her. Then […] Read More

If you were waiting for a sign, this is it.
Dec 29 – I Don't Want To Wait

2:363 – I Don’t Want To Wait #faithbites #faithjourney wait “What Are You Waiting For?”, this was the title of today’s sermon at church. The premise is that if you knew you had an inheritance […] Read More

Dec 28 – You Saw The Movie How Many Times?

2:362 – You Saw The Movie How Many Times? #faithbites #faithjourney movie It seems to be a badge of honor and of fandom when someone says how many times they’ve seen a particular movie. For […] Read More

Dec 27 – Too Much Excitement

2:361 – Too Much Excitement #faithbites #faithjourney Excitement Tonight I was on a video chat with my brother in California. Of course my kids wanted in in the action. My youngest was literally jumping on […] Read More

Dec 26 – Simple Language Isn’t

2:360 – Simple Language Isn’t #faithbites #faithjourney simple I think I speak and write in very simple language. Using words to create a message that anyone can read and understand.  What I’ve found is that […] Read More

Dec 25 – Warning Labels: Jesus

2:359 – Warning Labels : Jesus #faithbites #faithjourney #Christmas warning McDonald’s Hot Chocolate: Warning, Coffee served very hot. TENS electric shock: Do not apply to head, face, or genitals. Banana Nut Muffin: Warning, contains nuts. […] Read More