Month: April 2020

How Do You Take Your Faith?
Apr 30 – Good Coffee Takes Time

3:120 – Good Coffee Takes Time #faithbites #faithjourney coffee I like coffee. I wasn’t raised on it but started drinking it after college. But no one else drank it so I didn’t want to brew […] Read More

Apr 29 – Self-Control

3:120 – Self-Control #faithbites #faithjourney self-control During our school chapel today, our DCE discussed self-control. It means control over your self or being able to tell yourself “Whooh..slow down or Whooh, this isn’t good for […] Read More

Apr 28 – What’s For Supper?

3:119 – What’s For Supper? #faithbites #faithjourney supper I’m hungry, but not for dinner. I grilled some burgers, we had chips and cottage cheese. I ate too much but I’m still hungry. I could have […] Read More

Apr 27 – I Doubt It

3:118 – I Doubt It #faithbites #faithjourney doubt Doubt is heavy on my mind lately. Doubting politicians, medical reports, friends opinions, and more. It’s a world were so many are doubting the truth. I doubt […] Read More

Apr 26 – You’ve Got A Friend In Me

3:117 – You’ve Got A Friend In Me #faithbites #faithjourney friend I was painting the garage with my girls today listening to Disney Music. You’ve Got a Friend In Me from Toy Story came on […] Read More

Apr 25 – Rain All Day

3:116 – Rain All Day #faithbites #faithjourney rain It has been a dreary rainy cold day here in central Illinois. It has rained non-stop all day. I’m expecting a kayak to go through my backyard […] Read More

Apr 24 – Depression Sucks

3:115 – Depression Sucks #faithbites #faithjourney depression We all feel down sometimes. Depression is different. It’s the feeling that no matter how good things are, it doesn’t take the pain away. No amount of sweets, […] Read More