Month: November 2021

What is the meaning of the Bible?
November 30 – The Meaning Behind The Words

4:334 – The Meaning Behind The Words #faithbites #faithjourney meaning Setting We all know words have power. They can build up nations and destroy relationships. The words we choose can be daggers in the heart […] Read More

You Are Majestic
November 29 – Not Perfect And Still Majestic!

4:333 – Not Perfect AND Still Majestic! #faithbites #faithjourney Majestic Setting Let’s face it, are any of us really in the physical shape we want to be? How bout the mental shape we want to […] Read More

End the Stigma
November 28 – Can You Hear Me?

4:332 – Can You Hear Me? #faithbites #faithjourney hear Setting Sometimes God messes with you and wants you to hear what he has to say. As you know, I’m a huge science fiction fan. In […] Read More

November 27 – Darkness Leads To A Great Light

4:331 – Darkness Leads To A Great Light #faithbites #faithjourney leads Setting When you turn on the news or look at social media, usually the bleak amd darkness is overwhelming. Very seldom are the warm […] Read More

November 26: Short Fuse, No Patience

4:330 – Short Fuse, No Patience Setting Today I feel lome I have no latience. Every little thing is setting me off. It reminds me of the Denis Leary skit where he says why he […] Read More

November 25 – Happy Thanksgiving

4:329 – Happy Thanksgiving #faithbites #faithjourney Thanksgiving Setting Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. A real short #faithbites so you may continue enjoying time with your family. After the turkey, ham, carbs, carbs, and more carbs, there is […] Read More

You Will Not Fail
November 24 – You Will Not Fail

4:328 – You Will Not Fail Setting Today is a day when I go to Verse of the Day for motivation as I’m tired and lacking both motivation and inspiration. Today’s verse gets to the […] Read More