Month: August 2021

Grief is real! It is yours
August 31 – Grief and Loss

4:242: Grief and Loss #faithbites #faithjourney grief Setting Today had its ups and downs. It was great to have lunch with a friend who I haven’t been able to meet with since before the pandemic. […] Read More

Dust Off
August 30 – Dust Yourself Off and Keep Going!

4:242 – Dust Yourself Off and Keep Going! #faithbites #faithjourney dust Setting This morning I posted my disgust with myself about my behavior yesterday. I was angry, frustrated, and let it show. It was a […] Read More

August 29 – Just Keep Swimming…for Now!

4:241 – Just Keep Swimming…for Now #faithbite #faithjourney keep Setting If ypucr ever watched “Finding Nemo”, you know that Dory says, when life gets hard or your scared, “Just Keep on Swimming.” That is how […] Read More

August 28 – Pouring In, Bleeding Out

4:240 – Pouring In, Bleeding Out #faithbites #faithjourney pouring Setting On Thursday night I cut my finger making dinner. I had put on a bandaid and had a Zoom meeting with some students. During the […] Read More

Knock Knock
August 27 – Knock, Knock!

4:239 – Knock, Knock! #faithbites #faithjourney knock Setting I was surfing Facebook this morning and a friend shared this picture. It reminded me that our #faithjourney is not a passive journey. We have to work, […] Read More

Talking about God, Helps Us Grow
August 26 – Let’s Talk About God!

4:238 – Let’s Talk About God! #faithbites #faithjourney about Setting One of my favorite things at work is to talk about teaching. Our discussion isn’t to solve the world’s problems or a specific course, but […] Read More

August 25 – Body, Mind, and Spirit

4:238 – Body, Mind, and Spirit #faithbites #faithjourney body Setting Last night I asked for prayers for the shots I had today. One person replied that if I was hoping for healing, I should read […] Read More