Month: May 2020

May 31 – Being Loved Properly

3:152 – Being Loved Properly #faithbiyes #faithjourney #Rocketman properly The other night, my wife and I watched the Elton John Biopic “Rocketman“. The soundtrack was wonderful and the movie was great. Some parts were difficult […] Read More

May 30 – Are you Hiding In Your Headphones?

3:151 – Are You Hiding In Your Headphones? #faithbites #faithjourney headphones One of my favorite groups is Reel Big Fish. They have a funny song called, “Hiding In My Headphones“. The song is about ignoring […] Read More

May 29 – Happiness AND Despair

3:150 – Happiness AND Despair #faithbites #faithjourney despair Turn on the news and it’s bleak. Protests, death, and more. There isn’t much happiness to look at. Right now, I’m choosing to try to be happy. […] Read More

Are you resting?
May 28 – Quiet, Please!

3:149 – Quiet, Please! #faithbites #faithjourney please Quarantine life has hit a new high or low. My tank is empty. I need a break. Just some quiet. It’s not that anyone is being bad or […] Read More

Be Sure in Christ
May 27 – Only One Answer I Am Sure Of

3:148 – Only One Answer I Am Sure Of #faithbites #faithjourney Sure “Dad, when are we going to fix the fence?” “Daddy, when is my toy coming in?” “Honey, what is for dinner tonight?” “Sol, […] Read More

May 26 – I Would Lay Down My Life For…

3:147 – I would Lay Down My Life For… #faithbites #faithjourneh lay I often hear people say they would give their life to save their kids or a spouse. First responders put their lives on […] Read More

May 25 – Choose To Say Nothing

3:146 – Choose To Say Nothing #faithbites #faithjourney nothing I like to talk and share my opinion. The hardest thing can be to day nothing. I was in a situation where many people were sharing […] Read More