6/6 – Be present, listen, and act

5:157 – Be present, listen, and act #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite present Intro Very short #faithbiteslite today. Know that you matter and you being present is critical. You are chosen by God for a reason. Be […] Read More

What makes you feel secure?
6/4 – What’s your security object?

5:155 – What’s your security object #faithbites #faithjourney security Intro I was sitting at the airport, drinking a coffee, and a family came walking by. One of the kids was holding onto his stuffed animal. […] Read More

5/26 – Change of plans

5:146 – Change of plans #faithbites #faithjourney plans Intro My plan today was to take the kids to school, then go to my doctor, then to work. I made it to the doctor before extreme […] Read More

Naïve and gullible
5/24 – Gullible and naïve

5:144 – Gullible and naïve #faithbites #faithjourney naïve Intro As many know, I am loving, open, and try to help everyone. Sometimes, my naivete gets me into trouble. Either I get shafted out of money, […] Read More

Go Away
5/22 – Go Away

5:142 – Go Away #faithbites #faithjourney away Intro In my head, I’m shouting, “Go away.” My voice is saying, “Not right now” or “No thank you” or “maybe in a while.” Right now, I’m exhausted. […] Read More

Reasons for chocies
5/19 – We make choices for many reasons

5:139 – We make choices for many reasons #faithbites #faithjourney choices Intro Today is my beautiful wife’s last day at work. No, she isn’t retiring. After 21+ years of social work, she’s made a choice […] Read More

Are you experiencing a midlife crisis?
5/18 – Midlife Crises or Growth?

5:138 Midlife Crises or Growth? #faithbites #faithjourney midlife Intro Graduations, job transitions, funerals, friends moving away. All of these things can make you think. From thinking about what’s next to reminiscing about the past to […] Read More