Month: March 2019

March 31 – I’m Going To Raise A Hallelujah

2:90 – I’m Going To Raise A Hallelujah #faithnites #faithjourney Today’s #faithbite is going to a bit different. We are going to define a church word and walk through a song. Why? Because this is […] Read More

March 30 – Thinking Clearly

2:89 – Thinking Clearly #faithbites #faithjourney clearly Do you every have a hard time thinking clearly? Maybe you are tired, hungry, or a hundred other emotions and your thoughts just aren’t clear. That’s bad enough, […] Read More

March 29 – Rocks Are Forever

2:88 – Rocks Are Forever #faithbites #faithjourney rocks When most people think of paying their respects at a gravesite, they bring flowers, or in the winter a grave blanket. In the Jewish faith, you don’t […] Read More

March 28 – Death Is So Permanent.

2:87 – Death Is So Permanent #faithbites #faithjourney death When a loved one dies, it sucks, plain and simple. While we know, in most cases, they will have eternal life with the Lord, it is […] Read More

March 27 – Did I Break My Vow

2:86 – Did I Break My Vow #faithbites #faithjourney vow What is a Vow? In noun form it means a solemn promise. In verb form it means solemnly promise to do something. For Lent, many […] Read More

March 26 – It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

2:85 – It Takes A Village To Raise A Child #faithbites #faithjourney village This afternoon my children were enjoying the weather playing outside with their friends across the street who we know and trust. When […] Read More

March 25 – Prayer Is A Gift From God

2:84 – Prayer Is A Gift From God #faithbites #faithjourney prayer You may be wondering how prayer is a gift from God if we pray to him. I think it’s quite simple. If we couldn’t […] Read More