Month: December 2020

Take Love
Dec 31 – Carry One Thing Into 2021 – Love

3:366 – Carry One Thing Into 2021 – Love #faithbites #faithjourney love Setting Happy last day of the year. I will keep this short as you may be enjoying your New Year’s Eve festivities. Even […] Read More

Sharing God
Dec 30 – Go, Therefore: Sharing Your Faith

3:365 – Go, Therefore: Sharing Your Faith #faithbites #faithjourney therefore Setting Twas, the day before the day before the New Year. For most, this is a reflective time. A time to look back at the […] Read More

active in your faith
Dec 29 – I Can’t Do It For You

3:364 – I can’t Do It For You #faithbites #faithjourney can’t Setting For almost three years, I have been sharing scripture daily with you. Along with the scripture have been my #faithjourney, my reflections, my […] Read More

Content and Growth
Dec 28 – Content AND Striving

3:363 – Content AND Striving #faithbites #faithjourney content Setting The end of the year is almost here, which for many, means new years resolutions. Usually these are because they are not content with something they […] Read More

Helping hands
Dec 27 – On The Ground? Accept The Hand

3:362 – On The Ground? Accept The Hand #faithbites #faithjourney ground Setting It’s a cool morning in Bloomington, Illinois and my youngest wanted to ride her scooter while I took our dog for a walk. […] Read More

Keep Christmas Year Round
Dec 26 – Christmas Is Over, Now What?

3:361 – Christmas Is Over, Now What? #faithbites #faithjourney over Settings It’s December 26 and Christmas is behind us. Have you taken down your tree? Are the gifts all put away and the trash can […] Read More

Dec 25 – Merry Christmas – Something New

3:360 – Merry Christmas – Something New! #faithbites #faithjourney Christmas Setting Merry Christmas Everyone. Blessings and Greetings. I have had a quiet small family Christmas. It’s not the normal Christmas and that’s ok. Sometimes we […] Read More