same ocean, different boats
6/13 – Same Ocean, Different Boats

5:164 – Same Ocean, Different Boats #faithbites #faithjourney ocean Intro Have you ever heard or said the phrase, “We’re all in the same boat?” I used to say that a lot. The intent is that […] Read More

What makes you feel secure?
6/4 – What’s your security object?

5:155 – What’s your security object #faithbites #faithjourney security Intro I was sitting at the airport, drinking a coffee, and a family came walking by. One of the kids was holding onto his stuffed animal. […] Read More

5/23 – How does your awareness impact your life?

5:143 – How does your awareness impact your life? #faithbites #faithjourney awareness Intro My kids often laugh at me when they mention some fad, entertainer, or word that I don’t know. The latest was the […] Read More

Faith is a single step
5/16 – Faith is a single step

5:136 – Faith is a single step #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite single Intro During commencement, our keynote speaker shared a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr that touched me and made me think. Dr. King […] Read More

Tomorrow is crazy
5/11 – What if tomorrow sucks?

5:131 – What if tomorrow sucks? #faithbites #faithjourney tomorrow. Intro What if tomorrow is terrible? Maybe it will rain on your wedding day (thanks Alanis) or it will be 120 degrees for your picnic. What […] Read More

5/4 – Even a diamond cracks

5/124 – Even a diamond cracks #faithbites #faithjourney diamond Intro Let’s think about rocks for a moment. They are strong and hold under a lot of pressure, but if you hit them long enough they […] Read More

Faith vs Non-faith places
4/26 – Faith places and non-faith places

4:116 – Faith places and non-faith places #faithbites #faithjourney non-faith Intro During his sermon on Sunday, our pastor brought up the concept of faith and non-faith places. He brought this up in relation to how […] Read More