Month: January 2021

Happy Messages
January 31 – Happy Messages

4:31 – Happy Messages #faithbites #faithjourney messages Setting Let’s face it, I spend way too much time on social media. How about you? I have found myself snoozing those who are sharing things that are […] Read More

January 30 – Be Still

4:30 – Be Still #faithbites #faithjourney still Setting It’s a cold, rainy, icy day. Whole there are things I need to do, or rather should do, I’m just chilling on the couch. I even took […] Read More

January 29 – I’m Bored, Time For Trouble!

4:29 – I’m Bored, Time For Trouble! #faithbites #faithjourney bored Setting I bet you thought this topic was autobiographical. While it is, in this case, I’m talking about my dog, Spock. He is a corgi […] Read More

Share The Load
January 28 – Sharing the Load

4:28 – Sharing The Load #faithbites #faithjourney load Setting Sometimes I can be passionate and territorial. I know how I want things to go and feel that I need to do it myself. I may […] Read More

joy or satisfaction
January 27 – Satisfaction or Joy?

4:27 – Satisfaction or Joy? #faithbites #faithjourney satisfaction Setting There are a lot of things that I am good at. (And yes, many I am not, but we won’t go there). I had a good […] Read More

my bad
January 26 – My Bad. It’s Me, Not You!

4:26 – My Bad. It’s Me, Not You! #faithbites #faithjourney bad Setting Yesterday a colleague offered someone to help me with a long term project I was working on. I responded very defensively and escalated […] Read More

Parenting Score
January 25 – Parenting Doesn’t (shouldn’t) Keep Score

4:25 – Parenting Doesn’t (shouldn’t) Keep Score #faithbites #faithjourning parenting Setting This one is for all the parents and caregivers out there. Parenting is hard! Yesterday we said that love doesn’t keep score. What about […] Read More