About Sol

Who is Sol?

Thank you for visiting Faith BItes. This site is an exploration of my thoughts, feelings, and faith. I wanted to give you a little bit of context to understand who I am.

I was born Jewish and went to synagogue as a child. After we moved, we stopped going to services. All throughout my life, I had been interested in faith and religion but didn’t have an outlet. I married a beautiful non-Jewish woman, who was deep in her faith but also not practicing at the time. Over time, we had two wonderful daughters.

Our eldest began going to a Lutheran school and we fell in love with the people, the education, and the faith. After a few months, we decided to begin the journey to join the church. After much soul searching and consultation with our pastors, I decided to get baptized with my youngest daughter.

I am a married father of two. I work in higher education in faculty development. I love to teach, debate, and discuss. Moreover, I love to learn. I am deeply interested in human dignity, freedom to make your own choices, and having a community that supports each other.

Why am I telling you this? 

I am very young in my exploration of Christianity. I am also exploring and learning about many different faiths and religion. I believe there is a difference between faith, God, and religion. These faith bites are a way to explore how I am feeling every day, what scripture says about them, and help me learn about my relationship with God. I hope that you will join in my exploration and it helps you in your #faithjourney.