5/26 – Change of plans

5:146 – Change of plans #faithbites #faithjourney plans Intro My plan today was to take the kids to school, then go to my doctor, then to work. I made it to the doctor before extreme […] Read More

Looking for answers
5/21 – Are you looking in the right place?

5:141 – Are you looking in the right place? #faithbites #faithjourney looking Intro Have you ever lost something? I know we all have. If it’s our keys or phone or you just misplaced something. Then […] Read More

Tomorrow is crazy
5/11 – What if tomorrow sucks?

5:131 – What if tomorrow sucks? #faithbites #faithjourney tomorrow. Intro What if tomorrow is terrible? Maybe it will rain on your wedding day (thanks Alanis) or it will be 120 degrees for your picnic. What […] Read More

When pain radiates it's no good
5/2 – Stop when the pain radiates

5:122 -Stop when the pain radiates #faithbites #faithjourney radiates Intro “No Pain, No Gain.” How many times have you heard that? Mostly it is used in the gym as motivation to push through the pain. […] Read More

4/7 – God has this covered

5:97 – God has this covered #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite God Intro Today was a bad pain day. Started out OK, then became debilitating. So blessed for friends to step up and help with the kids. […] Read More

3/31 – Joy to the world

5:90 – Joy to the world #faithbites #faithjourney joy Intro Did you know that I have a friend named Jeremiah? He was a bullfrog and a good friend of mine. He also had some mighty […] Read More

The Streak will never end
January 20 – I won’t Break The Streak, Neither Will God

5:20 – I Won’t Break The Streak, Neither Will God #faithbites #faithjourney streak Intro Still feeling pretty sick, today. COVID is kicking my butt, but I won’t break the nearly 1500 day streak of #faithbites. […] Read More