2 Corinthians

6/15 – Money in the bank, Books on the shelf

5:166 – Money in the bank, Books on the shelf #faithbites #faithjourney bank Intro Yesterday, I read that within a few years, Elon Musk will be worth 1 trillion dollars. That’s a lot of money […] Read More

Do people change?
6/11 – Do people really change?

5:162 – Do people really change? #faithbites #faithjourney people Intro Today I was cleaning out our guest bedroom. This consisted of going through everything on the bookshelf, throwing stuff out, and moving it around. One […] Read More

Faith vs Non-faith places
4/26 – Faith places and non-faith places

4:116 – Faith places and non-faith places #faithbites #faithjourney non-faith Intro During his sermon on Sunday, our pastor brought up the concept of faith and non-faith places. He brought this up in relation to how […] Read More

Stuck in the past
4/21 – Are you stuck in the past?

5:111 – Are you stuck in the past? #faithbites #faithjourney stuck Intro I was watching Star Trek today, and Q had a great line, “Humans are always stuck in the past”. Now with Star Trek, […] Read More

4/18 – After Easter

5:108 – After Easter #faithbites #faithjourney after Intro He is risen. He is risen indeed, Hallelujah. Today is Holy Monday and this season is over. (Yes, our Orthodox friends celebrate soon). Now that Easter has […] Read More

2/25 – False Guilt

2:56 – False Guilt #faithbites #faithjourney false Intro We’ve all felt guilt at one time or another. Maybe it was because he hurt someone, stole something, or made a bad decision that caused hurt indirectly. […] Read More

Expectations Too Great
January 23 – Great Expectations

5:23 – Great Expectations #faithbites #faithjourney expectations Intro If you ask what my greatest fault is, I would say I have two. One is I am too nice and let people walk on me and […] Read More