2 Timothy

7/18 – Does #Faithbites Matter?

5:199 – Does #Faithbites Matter #faithbites #faithjourney The last #faithbites I wrote was 32 days ago. Until today, and it was indirect to me, not one person noticed or said anything about #faithbites not coming […] Read More

6/9 – How do others identify you?

5:160 – How do others identify you? #faithbites #faithjourney identify Intro Yesterday we talked about the various identities each one of us have.. Some are visible, easily seen, and others don’t surface unless we share […] Read More

Naïve and gullible
5/24 – Gullible and naïve

5:144 – Gullible and naïve #faithbites #faithjourney naïve Intro As many know, I am loving, open, and try to help everyone. Sometimes, my naivete gets me into trouble. Either I get shafted out of money, […] Read More

Who is the person you are trying to be come?
3/23 – Trying to the be person God wants me to be

5:82 – Trying to be the person God wants me to be #faithbites #faithjourney person Intro When you look in the mirror what do you see? Does your reflection reflect the person you want to […] Read More

3/19 – A hard truth from a trusted friend.

5:78 – A hard truth from a trusted friend. #faithbites #faithjourney hard Intro Tonight for family movie night, we watched the remake of Cheaper By The Dozen. It was modernized, cute, and really had a […] Read More

3/3 – Read It Again – Friendship Promise

I’ve never done this before but I am. Here is yesterday’s #faithbites again. I think it is filled with so much knowledge and truth that we can read it again. Friendship is critical. Are you […] Read More

3/2 – As Your Friend, I Promise To

5:61 – As Your Friend I Promise To #faithbites #faithjourney promise Intro We call each other friends and often say, I’m here for whatever you need (Galatians 6:2) . Just ask! (Matthew 5:42). And we […] Read More