Month: October 2020

95 these
Oct 31 – I’ve Got 95 Theses

3:305 – I’ve Got 95 Theses #faithbites #faithjourney theses Setting Today many celebrate Halloween, it’s also Reformation Day. This is the day when in 1517, Marten Luther, posted his 95 theses or propositions for the […] Read More

Oct 30 – You Are Blessed

3:304 – You Are Blessed #faithbites #faithjourney blessed Setting Today has been a very long and exhausting day. Not sure why just lots going on. I know it will be ok in the long run […] Read More

What is your passion?
Oct 29 – What Is Your Passion?

3:303 – What is Your Passion? #faithbites #faithjourney passion Setting I used to be a passionate person. From school to friends to learning to adventure, I was always running around passionate for what was next. […] Read More

Are You Afraid of Everything?
Oct 28 – Be Afraid of Everything

3:302 – Be Afraid of Everything #faithbites #faithjourney everything In a recent scroll of the news and social media, I’ve been told to be afraid of the following: COVID-19, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Communism, the […] Read More

It's not luck, it's prayer
Oct 27 – Wish Me Luck

3:301 – Wish Me Luck #faithbites #faithjourney #RoadToEdD luck Setting Yesterday I asked for luck as I was preparing for my EdD peer defense. I given many likes, comments, prayers, and good vibes. One person […] Read More

Oct 26 – Are You Being Tested

3:300 – Are You Being Tested? #faithbites #faithjourney tested Setting Our governor gave his daily coronavirus briefing and testing, testing, testing, was the message. This post isn’t about COVID-19 but about being tested in general. […] Read More

Meta - Influencing Your World For Christ
Oct 25 – Are You Meta?

3:299 – Are You Meta? #faithbites #faithjourney meta Setting Have you ever wondered if you have an impact on the world? My dad once said I’d never be a champion but I could coach a […] Read More