3 John

May 16 – 500 Days of Faith

2:136 – 500 Days Of Faith #faithbites #faithjourney 500 January 1, 2018 was the day that I decided to take up a friend’s mantle / challenge and share a scripture a day. I did pretty […] Read More

October 29 – The Plague has Struck Our House

302 –┬áThe Plague has Struck Our House #faithbites #faithjourney plague Want a good sign that the seasons are changing in Illinois? Look for the sick kids. The awesome thing about sick kids is they just […] Read More

March 22 – Being Sick

#80of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is about being sick. We have all been sick. The sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, can’t breathe, headache. body ache, fever, etc etc. That is how I’m feeling today. Keeping my […] Read More