sore subjects
6/2 – Sore spots hurt

5:153 – Sore spots hurt #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbites sore Intro We all have those experiences that we don’t want to talk about. Heck, I had a whole other #faithbites planned for today, but because this […] Read More

Bottom line: Be Kind. Do Good. Show Love
5/30 – Bottom Line: Love and Understanding

5:150 – Bottom Line: Love and Understanding #faithbites #faithjourney bottom Intro In the past, I’ve said that I am naive and gullible. I understand that and know that’s part of who I am. Over my […] Read More

Go Away
5/22 – Go Away

5:142 – Go Away #faithbites #faithjourney away Intro In my head, I’m shouting, “Go away.” My voice is saying, “Not right now” or “No thank you” or “maybe in a while.” Right now, I’m exhausted. […] Read More

boiling blood
5/10 – Is your blood boiling?

5:130 – Is your blood boiling? #faithbites #faithjourney boiling Intro Your breath is short. Your heart starts pumping. You feel like your blood is boiling. You want to just scream. Yes, this is your body’s […] Read More

Volunteering to help
4/13 – Volunteer even when not asked

5:103 – Volunteer even when not asked #faithbites #faithjourney volunteer Intro I try to do it all and fail. There are times when I’m spinning so many plates and several of them crash to the […] Read More

3/8 – Bind Together

5:67 – Bind Together #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite bind It seems that we need something to fight about, something to be angry about, and something to divide us. Imagine if we used that energy to bind […] Read More

2/26 – Should We Just Throw It Away?

5:57 – Should We Just Throw It Away? #faithbites #faithjourney throw Intro Today I was fighting with one of my 3D printers. I was so frustrated with it and just wanted to be done. My […] Read More