1 Timothy

6/14 – What training do you prioritize?

5:165 – What training do you prioritize? #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite training Intro As you know, I’m a faculty developer by profession. My eldest used to say, I teach teachers to teach better. In other words, […] Read More

same ocean, different boats
6/13 – Same Ocean, Different Boats

5:164 – Same Ocean, Different Boats #faithbites #faithjourney ocean Intro Have you ever heard or said the phrase, “We’re all in the same boat?” I used to say that a lot. The intent is that […] Read More

Success is Given and Can Be Shared
2/4 – Is Success Coming Too Easily? Am I Worthy?

5:35 – Is Success Coming Too Easily? Am I Worthy? #faithbites #faithjourney success Intro Last night, I was sharing my recent successes and potential success in the future. with a colleague. My friend said something […] Read More

January 30 – Active or Passive Engagement

5:30 – Active or Passive Engagement #faithbites #faithjourney active Intro I’ve been thinking a lot about entertainment and how I spend my time. Some people like books, some movies and shows, and some video games. […] Read More

December 12 – Let Someone Else Do It?

4:346 – Let Someone Else Do It #faithbites #faithjourney someone Setting I can be a bit if a control freak. I like things done a certain way and I like to help people. When I […] Read More

Graduations and Traditions are a Change to Reflect and Trust
December 11 – Graduations and Transitions

4:345 – Graduations and Transitions #faithbites #faithjourney graduations Setting When you look back at your graduations or the graduations of others, what do you think and how do you feel? Was there a sense of […] Read More

October 16 – Christmas and Money

4:289 – Christmas and Money #faithbites #faithjourney Christmas Setting If youve been watching the news lately, youve peobably heard about the massive delay in goods from overseas. Ships waitong weeks to deliver their goods because […] Read More