1 Corinthians

same ocean, different boats
6/13 – Same Ocean, Different Boats

5:164 – Same Ocean, Different Boats #faithbites #faithjourney ocean Intro Have you ever heard or said the phrase, “We’re all in the same boat?” I used to say that a lot. The intent is that […] Read More

Do people change?
6/11 – Do people really change?

5:162 – Do people really change? #faithbites #faithjourney people Intro Today I was cleaning out our guest bedroom. This consisted of going through everything on the bookshelf, throwing stuff out, and moving it around. One […] Read More

Bottom line: Be Kind. Do Good. Show Love
5/30 – Bottom Line: Love and Understanding

5:150 – Bottom Line: Love and Understanding #faithbites #faithjourney bottom Intro In the past, I’ve said that I am naive and gullible. I understand that and know that’s part of who I am. Over my […] Read More

5/29 – TV Preacher

5:149 – TV preacher #faithbites #faithjourney tv Intro I’m sitting at grandma’s house on a beautiful Sunday morning listening to TV preachers. We were able to go to church but we can still hear God’s […] Read More

5/5 – Self-Medicating looks different for different people

5:125 – Self-medicating looks different for different people #faithbites #faithjourney self-medicating Intro Have you ever looked at someone and said they are self-medicating? I know I have. When most of us think of self-medicating, we […] Read More

Angry, Upset, Broken, Forgiven
2/8 – Angry, Upset, Broken, Confused. Forgiven

2:39 – Angry, Upset, Broken, Confused. Forgiven #faithbites #faithjourney upset Intro I described my feelings today as raw. Raw means I’m angry, upset, broken, and confused. It has been a crazy day and I think […] Read More

No Need To Be Perfect
January 29 – No Need For Perfect

5:29 – No Need For Perfect #faithbites #faithjourney perfect Intro When I see a piece of art, I am awed by the skill that went into it. As I’ve been learning more and more about […] Read More