2/24 – New Routines

5:57 – New Routines #faithbites #faithjourney routines Intro Before I left on vacation, I did something I’ve never done before: I removed my work email account from my phone. At first it was weird as […] Read More

September 11 – Will You Share Your Story?

4:254 – Will You share Your Story? #faithbites #faithjourney share Setting Tonight we spent the evening having dinner and fun with friends. We had a lit of fun talking, sharing stories, and just having a […] Read More

Back to the Routine? A New Routine?
August 1 – Back to Our Routine?!?

4:213 – Back to our Routine? #faithbites #faithjoutnry routine Setting As the calendar turns to August, talks change from summer vacation to back to school. August starts the return the the “normal” routine or whatever […] Read More

Why did God make these crazy creatures?
July 9 – Crazy Creatures

4:190 – Crazy Creatures #faithbites #faithjourney crazy Setting Some #faithbites are deep in dogma, others are deep in personal experience, this one is just bananas and fun. For the past two nights, I have been […] Read More

Faith Leads to Understanding
June 26 – Pray for Understanding

4:177 – Pray for Understanding #faithbites #faithjourney understanding Setting A couple of days ago when I wrote #faithbites, I wasn’t planning on writing a series on prayer, but God works in his way. We started […] Read More

You Got This!
May 23 – I’ve Got This! (With Help)

4:143 – I’ve Got This! (With Help) #faithbites #faithjourney got Setting The world tells us to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps or if you work hard even you can do anything. That is the […] Read More

The Whole Story
April 12 – Read the Whole Story

4:102 – Read the Whole Story #faithbites #faithjourney whole Setting Iron Man is only a tech giant playboy. Aslan dies in the middle. Rocky gets knocked out. Daniel LaRusso gets beat up. If you only […] Read More