Not my circus
September 28 – Your Circus, Your Monkeys

4:271 – Your Circus, Your Monkeys #faithbites #faithjourney circus Setting If you know me, you know I like to help others. I’m willing to do just about anything for anyone. Sometimes though, I get frustrated […] Read More

April 23 – But I Didn’t Make The Mess

2:113 – But I Didn’t Make The Mess #faithbites #faithjourney mess This morning my eldest came into the kitchen with kool-aid on her pajamas, telling me it spilled on her and the couch. I told […] Read More

March 21 – Celebrating Little Wins

2:80 – Celebrating Little Wins #faithbites #faithjourney #RoadToEdD celebrating When I used to work at State Farm, my team had food days all the time. My wife asked me why we were having them and […] Read More

March 18 – Beards

2:77 – Beards #faithbites #faithjourney beards Fair warning, this isn’t one of your normal #faithbites. This isn’t a deep introspective look at the soul. This is more fun. I’ve haven’t been shaving in a while, […] Read More

November 14 – Celebrate and Have Fun

318 – Celebrate and Have Fun #faithbites #faithjourney celebrate Life is pretty hard. We have probably seen the hashtag #adulting or #momlife or #dadlife or any of the others out there that help us express how […] Read More