1 Chronicles

Leadership is Hard Work
January 22b – Leadership Is Hard!

5:22b – Leadership Is Hard #faithbites #faithjourney leadership Intro I have always wanted to lead. I think I have skills and abilities that help groups move forward. Not sure why, but leadership and being in […] Read More

Keep Working
December 26 – Just Keep Working At It

4:360 – Just Keep Working At It #faithbites #faithjourney working Setting Some days, we just feel like everything is going wrong. We are mad at the world and mad at ourselves for how we react […] Read More

September 11 – Will You Share Your Story?

4:254 – Will You share Your Story? #faithbites #faithjourney share Setting Tonight we spent the evening having dinner and fun with friends. We had a lit of fun talking, sharing stories, and just having a […] Read More

January 5 – Do You Feel Powerful?

4:5 – Do You Feel Powerful? #faithbites #faithjourney powerful Setting Is it odd or is it God? In the past few days, the idea of being powerless and claiming your power has been ever present. […] Read More

June 22 – Playing Music

3:172 – Playing Music #faithbites #faithjourney music Setting We are going to take a break from the heavy #faithbites topics of the past few months and go for something a little lighter. Today, I took […] Read More

Dec 2 – Jesus where are my keys

2:336 – Jesus where are my keys #faithbites #faithjourney keys When you read the title of this #faithbites, how did you read it? Was it taking the Lord’s name in vain or was it asking […] Read More

Tree with multiple hand prints in different colors.
Oct 31 – One Family In Jesus

2:304 – One Family In Jesus #faithbites #faithjourney Jesus This week has been filled with deep searching of faith, faith traditions, and religion in general. I am so thankful for everyone who is walking along […] Read More