Apologizing - Strength or weakness
5/27 – Is Apologizing a strength or a weakness?

5:147 – Is Apologizing a strength or a weakness? #faithbites #faithjourney apologizing Intro I was watching a show the other day that had one character telling another to never apologize. The character said that apologizing […] Read More

From thoughts and prayers to action
5/25 – Thoughts and Prayers need action

5:145 – Thoughts and Prayers need action #faithbites #faithjourney action Intro Yesterday, another tragedy hit our country. 18 children. This is a horrific event. The most common response is people sending “thoughts and prayers”. When […] Read More

What's Next? New Goals
5/17 – What’s Next?

5:137 – What’s Next? #faithbites #faithjourney next Intro I started at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine five years ago and made two goals. The first was to see the first Match Day and the […] Read More

4/17 – He is (not was) Risen

5:107 – He is (not was) risen #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite was Intro Happy Easter. I pray that the forgiveness and love of Christ dwells in you richly. Just a short #faithbites for today. Have you […] Read More

3/15 – Still learning how to fill back in

5:74 – Still learning how to fill back in #faithbites #faithjourney fill 3:76 – Pouring Out, Need to Fill In Almost two years to the day, I posted the below #faithbites. I felt drained, exhausted, […] Read More

3/3 – Read It Again – Friendship Promise

I’ve never done this before but I am. Here is yesterday’s #faithbites again. I think it is filled with so much knowledge and truth that we can read it again. Friendship is critical. Are you […] Read More

3/2 – As Your Friend, I Promise To

5:61 – As Your Friend I Promise To #faithbites #faithjourney promise Intro We call each other friends and often say, I’m here for whatever you need (Galatians 6:2) . Just ask! (Matthew 5:42). And we […] Read More