2 Thessalonians

November 20 – Vaccinated by Christ

324 – Vaccinated by Christ #faithbites #faithjourney Vaccinated Before we get started, I’m going to ask for a little leeway here. I’m going to use an imperfect metaphor, but I think it works. So bear […] Read More

October 30 – Are you a Citizen of God?

303 –¬†Are you a Citizen of God? #faithbites #faithjourney Citizen Today’s #faithbite is inspired by the President of the United States saying that he could end birthright citizenship by executive order. This post isn’t about […] Read More

May 8 – Step by Step

#128of365 #faithbites #faithjourney Today’s lesson is about persistence and taking things step by step. (I know, many of you are now singing, Oh baby….No NKOTB here). Life is filled with so many things to get […] Read More